Friday, March 5, 2010


I don't know how it happened, because last week he looked like this
but Patrick has turned two. Yes, it happened last week, but somewhere along the way I have fallen off the blog wagon. He celebrated on Thursday with a super-fabulous breakfast of yogurt, toast and silliness. He also had a trip to the doctor (no shots, yay!) and dinner at McDonalds (because Mommy was away all afternoon).
On Saturday Grandma and Papa and his friends from playgroup came over to help celebrate. He had a great time. Thomas made an appearance in cake form (he knew who it was, so I consider it a win!).
He got more presents than one little boy possibly needs (and was mostly uninterested with the whole unwrapping process).

He got to munch Thomas' face, which didn't seem to weird him out at all (but this is Patrick and food we're talking about).

Patrick isn't in this one - I just thought it was funny that all the little girls were in the sandbox and all the little boys were digging in the fishpond hole.

All in all, it was a great birthday for everyone except Mommy, who is now completely without a baby :-( I will try to jump back on the blogging wagon - I have pictures of a big boy bed, train fun, Paul-like naughtiness, and Christopher gabbing with Grammy so stay tuned!

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  1. I'm glad everyone had a good time! Looks like fun! I'm curious about this Paul-like naughtiness. Can't be good. I'm trying to get a video of Mark being naughty - no one seems to believe me!