Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hippity Hoppity

The Easter Bunny came to see us! Yes, it was over two weeks ago, but who's keeping score, really? We had a visit from the Bunny himself (or so we assume, because if you're looking he won't come, but if you sleep like a big boy there are eggs and treats outside when you wake up)! Then we went to Mass and were even reasonably good. Father Ricky, though he is a wonderful man and a wonderful priest, made the ill-fated decision to sing the entire Eucharistic Prayer I (the REALLY long one). That was about our undoing, but we survived. Then it was back home for ham, stuffing, mashed taters, and other yumminess.

Decorating eggs - Mommy figured it was better for all shirts involved if the boys just showed off their killer abs.

Finding eggs on Easter morning - Patrick didn't quite have it figured out, but Christopher was a pro!
Patrick, however, had no problem with the chocolate-eating portion of the morning!

Still hunting eggs, missed the memo about eating chocolate!
Laugh all you want - this is indeed the best of all the dressed up Easter pictures.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Garden Overhaul

Two weekends ago we took advantage of the free dumpsters the HOA brought in and did a little yard work. We tore out a ratty old fountain and cleaned up the planter area around the side of the house. Then my big helpers and I added lots of good dirt and planted some herbs we'll be able to use in our cooking this summer and fall. Maybe next year too - many herbs seem to be perennial around here.

Our clean slate, and Christopher trying to rake with a plastic golf club.

This seems to work better!

Adding the dividers

Digging a hole for the rosemary

Pushing the dirt back in

Last plant - parsley

Daddy even had to mow our lawn - yes it looks brown here, but it is a lot greener now

Air Show

A few weeks ago, our local giant Air Force base had their semi yearly airshow. I think it's supposed to be every two years, but they hadn't had one for a while. We went and the boys got to see all sorts of great airplanes flying fast, slow, high, low, upside down, and sideways. All in all, it was super cool!

Daddy and his two big boys!
Watchin' the action on the flight line
Check out my cool new airplane - it does loops too!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Big Boy Bed

Patrick got a big boy bed (well just a mattress really) right around his birthday. I finally got a few pictures of him in it a few weeks ago. Sadly they're mostly blurry. I didn't realize the flash was turned off. It will have to do for now, though. We will eventually buy him a real bed and new dresser, but for now this will work.

Action shot of him "sleeping" - he thinks it's funny to lay upside down in the bed

Showing off the new Thomas sheets

Very silly boys!

Actual action shots. He fell asleep chewing on Puppy as usual.

Next up will be airshow and gardening and Easter pics. Eventually I might get caught up!