Sunday, March 14, 2010

February Randomness

I have a whole bunch of pictures that don't really go together, but they're cute anyway! Thought you might enjoy them.

First, the two princes of my heart at a Valentine's Day no attention to Christopher's missing pants.
Patrick is much more resourceful, shall we say, than Christopher is (even now never mind at just 2). Here he's demonstrating his mad cooking skills. Or at least his mad pull a chair to the counter, climb up, and make trouble skills.

Christopher having a VERY deep, important conversation with Grammy.

Playing with Patrick's new water table. For the time being it is out in the sun so it's warm enough to play water. Once it warms up, I think we'll put it under the porch roof. As you can see, it's a big hit.
Patrick can't resisit drinking the water.
Why it's a bad idea to drink the water :-)
Slightly obscured but a good action-shot.
Coming soon - big boy bed pictures (I thought I took some, but I guess not, so we'll do that tomorrow) and pictures from our fun weekend trip to Phoenix!

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  1. When Paul and Patrick together as they get older, things can only get worse!