Saturday, March 27, 2010

McCormick Train Park

If you have little boys (or even girls) and you live in the greater Phoenix area (or even Tucson), run, don't walk to McCormick Train Park. Only get there early, because it fills up fast. We went about two weeks ago and had a great time. Christopher and Patrick both loved riding on the little train, seeing the model train setups, and playing on the playground. It was all really reasonably priced, too.

Before riding the train, Christopher had to investigate it's "big rod." He's fascinated with the train drive rods. Go figure...
Patrick liked standing and waving to the passengers as they went by.Getting ready for our first ride. Christopher is excited, Patrick is not so sure what's going on or where he's supposed to sit.
By the second ride, Patrick has this down. He sat up in an open car with Daddy and Uncle Mark and waved to the little people as they went by.
For the second ride, Christopher decided he was going to sit in the boxcar, which meant Mommy got to ride in the boxcar too. But, so did that very pregnant woman in the picture behind Christopher, so I have nothing to complain about.

I LOVE this picture!
After our busy day at the park, we celebrated Papa's birthday with dinner and cake. Grandma decided that the cake needed sprinkles, and knew of just the sous-chef to make sure it was done right!

It was a really fun trip - thanks Grandma and Papa (and Uncle Mark) for the idea! Next up, I promise pictures of the big boy bed now that he's been sleeping in it for a month.

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  1. Looks like so much fun! And I can tell Mark is loving it, too. Haha :-)