Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Snow, Arizona Style

While the rest of you were drowning in snow last weekend, we trekked up to Mount Lemmon to find some snow of our own to play in. Christopher was not interested in sledding at all until he did it once. Then we couldn't get him to stop. All in all, we were outside for over 2 hours before toes got cold enough to get back in the car and go get lunch. Patrick fell fast asleep in the five minutes it took us to drive to a restaurant.

Hey, mittens are pretty cool. They keep my fingers clean!
Sledding with Daddy - fun! For those of you with enquiring minds, yes, that's the top of a plastic underbed box we're sledding on. It worked great!

Mommy was sledding too. We took turns, but both were heavy to carry back up the hill.
Looking really big yet again! Guess who loved eating snow?
Next to their snowman. Mommy and Daddy forgot our gloves and the snow was really hard, so it's a tiny snowman.

I'll have pictures of our Valentine's Day adventures in a few days. Stay tuned!

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