Monday, February 1, 2010

A Day at the Zoo

OK, so it really was about 2 hours, but that's the great thing about our little zoo. We can see it all in a few hours and then get home for naps. It has elephants, giraffes, and even a polar bear (yes, I would also know what that polar bear did to offend God and end up in Arizona).

It was too snowy on Mount Lemmon for us to go Friday, so we decided a trip to the zoo would be good instead. It was about 60 degrees out, and I think the animals loved it too, because they were really active! We saw just about everything moving around!

We got there in time for the giraffe feeding - notice how I sent Daddy to do that part!

Checking out a wild, totally ferocious...

turtle eating a salad! Christopher thought it was so funny that the turtle was having salad lunch with carrots!

Watching the polar bear have a snack of canteloupe. A half a canteloupe that he devoured skin and all in a few bites.

Feeding the ducks. Patrick thought it was hilarious when he threw food in the water and the ducks swarmed in to gobble it up!

Had to stop and check out the bulldozer.
I am in desperate need of a new baby - mine is just too big. Exhibit A:

As soon as we get some lights, I'm going to post pictures of our new kid cave, or little boy fort, as Christopher calls it.

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  1. Oooooh, looks like fun! I keep wanting to go to the zoo, but it's just too cold here!