Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Great Four Corners Road Trip - Part I

We've been back for over a week, yes, but I'm just getting to uploading pictures from our adventure in late July / early August. We took a 6 day road trip through the Four Corners area to Durango, Colorado and back. Overall we drove nearly 1400 miles and saw all sorts of neat things!

Here is Christopher the night before we left with his new suitcase packed and ready to go with the important things - trains, crayons, books.

The first day we drove to Gallup, NM with a quick stop at the Painted Desert Visitors Center. After deciding that we didn't want to drive 20 miles each way out of the way to see the Petrified Forest part, we sat on the "Dinosaur Tree" outside the museum for Daddy to take a picture.

We then went on to Gallup and checked into the hotel and brought in our things.

After we settled in, we went into "downtown" Gallup to the main drag, the old Route 66, just like in Cars!

The next day we got up and finished driving to Durango, Colorado, arriving mid-afternoon. We decided to scope out the Children's Museum, which turned out to be more of a playroom of sorts, but was great for the boys to just get out and run around. Here is Christopher unloading his groceries.

Then we walked a few blocks downtown to find dinner. On the way we passed this GIANT boy sitting on a bench. When did he get so big?

Here's my little love bug and I at dinner. He fell asleep in the stroller so he was snuggly for a minute or two.

And of course, the coolest place in town, Christopher's hide-a-bed. Who would've thought a sleep sofa could be so cool - but I guess a bed that disappears into a sofa during the day is pretty magical when you're 3.

This is a monster post, so I'll put up some more tomorrow. Until then, Enjoy!


  1. Love the pictures. Thanks! It definitely looks like you had two happy boys. :-)

  2. I love the post! Great job! It's almost like Grandad and I were there with you.