Thursday, August 27, 2009

Durango Trip - Part 3

Apparently I'm trying to make these pictures last until I can find something interesting enough to photograph around here. There have been some hilarious potty training moments, but they're all pretty indecent. My favorite is Christopher asking himself, "Peepee, where are you? Are you coming?"

I'm going to try to pare down the last few days to finish in this post. We'll see. I just have such cute boys I can't seem to choose just a few pictures!

Riding up the ski lift with Daddy at Purgatory - he thought this was really cool!

Riding down the "alpine slide" sled track thingy - Daddy thought this was really cool!

Then we drove over the mountain (at 11,000 feet!) to Silverton, CO. It had just finished raining there, and get this, it was only 60 degrees! I almost cried I was so excited. I put pants on the boys! Here's my big helper pushing Patrick on a slow boat to China. Don't worry, we rescued Patrick before the stroller tipped over.

On the way out of Silverton, we stopped at this beautiful alpine lake. Patrick decided a little trailblazing was in order.
The next morning, our last day in Durango, we went to the railroad museum. A fabulous time was had by all, especially Christopher, who had to be dragged kicking and screaming (literally) away from the model train setup after at least 30 minutes.
Patrick at the engineer's desk in a caboose. So much work, so little time...
On our way back to Show Low, AZ, we decided to go through Four Corners. Not something I need to see again. This was pretty much it, although I can now say that I've been to Utah.
Many ridiculously long hours later, we got to the Petrified Forest National Park where we saw many "dinosaur trees" and even a real dinosaur. I didn't quite capture the joy on Christopher's face - this is the first dinosaur fossil he's ever seen in real life. He thought it was super cool!

So there you have it. After this, it will be back to our regularly scheduled boring lives until we go to see Grammy and Grandad in a few weeks!

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  1. Yay! More pics! No need to pare them down for me... the more pics of my boys, the better!