Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Weird Activity of the Week

So my FlyLady task for the day was to give the living room a good hit with the vacuum. Since it needed it and I have two boys who love to vacuum we tackled it first thing this morning. After moving the green sofa and coffee table, it occurred to me that it might be fun to just leave the couch cushions in the middle of the room for the monkeys to climb on. Sort of like those "realistic" zoo exhibits with the fiberglass logs. Needless to say they were all over the impromptu jungle gym - a good thing since it's about 95 and humid here. By humid, I mean 30%, but it's all what you're used to, right?

Enjoying "Imagine With Me" from atop Mt. Couchmore
Waving to Ernie. He waves to EVERYBODY now.
So Big! Patrick was so proud of himself for climbing up there and then getting on his feet!

My other big climber. It is a little blurry because he just wouldn't stop moving.


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  1. Way to go Mom! The best fun is those "I can't believe Mom did that" activities. Love, Grammy