Thursday, June 4, 2009

30 Pounds Two Ways

As I'm sure most of you know by now, the boys have both been to the doctor in the past few weeks and weigh within a pound of each other - Christopher is 30.5 and Patrick is 29.5. The only problem is that Christopher is a full head taller than Patrick. So, below we have two different ways to be 30 lbs. They'll totally hate me for it later, but they were so cute waiting to get in the tub the other night that I just couldn't resist.

This was the scene from our front window for about an hour last Thursday morning as landscapers removed the tree that fell in our front yard. What could be cooler than guys with chainsaws. Christopher kept offering to go help. He was sad that I wouldn't let him.
So, new nephew Mark has new baby on the brain here, and yesterday I went to check in on Patrick at naptime and found this. I mean, really, since when is he so big that he takes up the whole crib AND has to sleep with Puppy and Moose.
I'm really pretty sure it was last month that he looked like this. If only they'd sleep when they were this age, it would be truly perfect!

We're off to playgroup at the water park today so I'm sure we'll have some more pics tomorrow!


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