Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Since we've done NOTHING exciting today, I thought I'd cheat and post pics from a trip the boys and Daddy took to the Phoenix Zoo a few weeks ago. I was invited to a baby shower up there, so while I was at that, they went to the zoo with the new baby's daddy and big sister. Here are the little men checking out some cows - I think they were mooing or something.

P-Jiggley with a goat - I love the perplexed expression on Patrick's face.

Big C gittin' 'er done on a tractor. He loves all things mechanical - the bigger the better!

I think we're finally over the hump with the coughing, knock on wood. It's been half an hour of napping with noone making a sound! Yipee!

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  1. Kath- I love the blog! Are you suprised that the spawn of two engineers like all things mechanical? I would like to remind you that I did buy him a plaid flannel shirt hense the "git-r-done" attitiude. Well, unlike you I have a sick boy who won't nap so I better get back to rocking!! I didn't know how heavy 13 pounds could be after 2 hours straight!!