Sunday, August 29, 2010

First Day of School

Two weeks ago Christopher started 4 year old preschool. He goes three days a week for three hours a day and Mommy and Patrick get some much needed alone time (at least until March rolls around). He was not at all pleased about going the first day, being pretty sure he would not like anything about school. So I did what any Mommy would do, I plied him with doughnuts covered with chocolate frosting and dinosaur sprinkles! At the end of the day, he announced that he didn't like anything they did inside, only outside playtime. He has since changed his tune and seems to enjoy himself, although he still doesn't have much to tell about what he does in class. He did get to be line leader last Thursday, though, and that was apparently cool enough for a mention!

Enjoying his super-healthy first day of school breakfast

Standing out front for the customary first day of school picture

Done humoring crazy Mommy - time to be silly!

I'm still not sure where the last four years have gone, because I'm pretty sure we brought him home from the hospital last week.

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