Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hippity Hoppity

The Easter Bunny came to see us! Yes, it was over two weeks ago, but who's keeping score, really? We had a visit from the Bunny himself (or so we assume, because if you're looking he won't come, but if you sleep like a big boy there are eggs and treats outside when you wake up)! Then we went to Mass and were even reasonably good. Father Ricky, though he is a wonderful man and a wonderful priest, made the ill-fated decision to sing the entire Eucharistic Prayer I (the REALLY long one). That was about our undoing, but we survived. Then it was back home for ham, stuffing, mashed taters, and other yumminess.

Decorating eggs - Mommy figured it was better for all shirts involved if the boys just showed off their killer abs.

Finding eggs on Easter morning - Patrick didn't quite have it figured out, but Christopher was a pro!
Patrick, however, had no problem with the chocolate-eating portion of the morning!

Still hunting eggs, missed the memo about eating chocolate!
Laugh all you want - this is indeed the best of all the dressed up Easter pictures.

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  1. Super adorable cuteness!! I can't believe I STILL have never painted Easter eggs with Paul. Something is always in the way (this year, we were in Scotland, the year before it was a baby or something, I don't remember). We've only ever found plastic eggs with the candy inside. Bad Mommy!