Sunday, January 3, 2010

Yes, We're Still Alive

So, it's been nearly two months since I updated. Bad Kathryn. In that time we packed the house, moved 5 minutes up the road, unpacked the house (mostly), had Thanksgiving, visitors from the far East, Christmas, New Year's, etc. OK, enough excuses!

My New Year's resolution (or one of them) is to blog twice weekly. You can all giggle and talk amongst yourselves as to whether it will take one or two weeks for me to fall off the wagon.

For now, here are a few pictures of Christmas vacation in the Schneider house. Daddy has been off work since December 24th, so we've been having a grand time!

Investigating the Sit'nSpin that Santa brought

Checking out my new workbench

Playing with Murdoch and my new train table

Having the first of many "big races" for Lightning, Chick, and the King

Oh yeah, there were wrapped presents too!

Mommy made us wear silly outfits...again.

Modeling new robes from Aunt Jenny

Having our first movie day - watched "A Bug's Life"

Enjoying some of Baby Jesus' leftover birthday cake

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  1. Thanks for all the pictures! I see the boys had a wonderful Christmas. Looks like you'll be filling up that playroom. :-)