Monday, July 20, 2009


Patrick got his first haircut yesterday! I think it was more traumatic for Mommy than it was for Patrick. He just sat around looking bewildered but not fussing or squirming too much.

Christopher is old hat at the haircut thing, but makes sure we remember ice cream afterwards.

From Friday, we moved the trucks into Christopher's room so the piano tuner could come, then found him on his bed playing with all of them at once.

And just for those of you who think Patrick is still fat, here's a skinny boy flexing for the camera, and showing off his driving skills. There was an incident at dinner tonight involving spaghetti and spilled milk that resulted in him losing his clothes. Mommy nearly cried over spilt milk since I finished scrubbing the floor not two hours before dinner!


  1. Did he get water "for the rest of the day" :-)